Golden College of Education, Gurdaspur


The wisdom of great men, the labor of hard workers and the art of artist the mixture of all three of these come up as an illuminating image. The epitome of an illuminating image is the great institution –Golden college of Education, Gurdaspur, makes its knock in the premises of teacher education in the region and help in dispelling the ignorance and superstitions. It is a co-education institute recognized by NCTE and affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.


Golden college of education is situated in the heart of the town near Hanuman Chowk, Gurdaspur. The triple story building is airy and magnificent. The college class rooms are facilitate with air conditioner. Facility the playground is in front of the building. It has a well-qualified laboratory and a very rich library provided for the congenial and conductive growth and development of students. The campus has sprawling grassy lawns and spacious play grounds where facilities for recreation and playing games are available.


The main emphasis in this institution is to produce competent and efficient teachers who can share global platform and make the destiny of a nation is constructed in the classroom. the college wants to endow the ethos, embedded deep in the conscience of its students the fragrance of which they bestow through their lives. Here emphasis is not on mechanical information or discipline through a system of punishment, but on arousing in students a sense of inner discipline.