College will be start with first period at 9.00 a.m. (both in summer and winter). To be eligible for university examination a student shall have to attend 75% of the lectures delivered in each paper. Leave taken on any ground during the academic session does not help in the student in condonation of lecture. So, students who take leave on medical or marriage etc. grounds run the risk of lectures. At the end of each lecture shortage report of each student in each paper will be displayed on the on the notice board. each student supposed to see this chart for any error. He should contact the concerned teacher immediately and get the error rectified.



On every college function and on all the Tuesdays & Fridays (in the morning Assembly, uniform is compulsory for all the students. the uniform is as follows:


BOYS                       GIRLS

Trouser                      : Black                      Suit                         : Blue and mustard

Shirt                             : Mustard              Dupatta ,                : Mustard

Beige , sweater, pullover             cardigan, blazer, sweater  : Dark Blue

Shoes-black with laces for both boys& Girls

On the religious functions and during the recitation of college Shabad “ Deh Shiva Bar Ehe” all the non-Turbaned Students will cover their heads with white Handkerchief.